Verify Halal certificates the smarter way

Halal Verified Engine (HVE) is a data and revenue sharing system designed for all the recognized International Certification Bodies (CBs) to communicate and verify Halal certificates globally using advanced features.


How HVE Helps CBs

Verify certificates easily

HVE allows Certification Bodies to quickly and easily verify other recognized Halal certificates from around the world using your computers or mobile devices to access HVE's extensive database.

Get discovered and increase revenue

Once you have registered your Certification Body in HVE, your certificate information is ready to be accessed by the buyers and Halal applicants. This increases the exposure and possible revenue of your certificate holders.

Manage certificates efficiently

HVE provides a solution to the difficulties of only dealing with physical documents and certificates. HVE's system is safe, secure, and user-friendly so CBs can customize and manage all the certificates in one place.

Increase regional application rates

By becoming a part of HVE, CBs can greatly eleviate the problems that applicants face during the certification process. This creates a huge incentive for more companies to apply and become certified. HVE is here to help CBs build an efficient and friendly global Halal community.

Improve how to verify Halal certificates

Scan and verify Halal certificates submitted by Halal Applicants in just seconds by using your mobile device.

Join the Global Halal Network

Be a part of the largest Halal Certification Bodies network with HVE.

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