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No. Halal Logo Certification Bodies
1 Adelaide Mosque Islamic Society of South Australia
2 Al-Iman Islamic Society
3 ARA Halal Development Services Center Inc.
4 Association For The Inspection And Certification of Food And Supplies
5 Australian Halal Authority & Advisers
6 Centro Islamico De Chile
7 Control Office of Halal Slaughtering B.V & Halal Quality Control
8 Department of Islamic Development Malaysia
9 Estándar Global de Certificación Halal, S.L.
10 Federation of Islamic Association of New Zealand
11 Federation of Muslims Associations in Brazil
12 Halal Accreditation Council (Guarantee) Limited
13 Halal Certification Agency
14 Halal Certification Europe
15 Halal Committee-JamiatUlama-E-Maharashtra
16 Halal Development Institute Of The Philippines
17 Halal Food Authority
18 Halal Food Council of Europe
19 No Halal logo available Halal India PVT LTD
20 Halal Montreal Certification Authority
21 Islamic Association of Katanning
22 Islamic Centre of The Argentine Republic
23 Islamic Co-ordinating Council of Victoria
24 Islamic Da’wah Council of The Philippines
25 Islamic Foundation of Ireland
26 Islamic Information Documentation And Certification GmbH
27 Islamic Services of America
28 Jamia Markaaz Uloom Islamia Mansoora
29 Jamiat Ulama-l-Hind Halal Trust
30 Japan Halal Association
32 Korea Muslim Federation
33 Muslim Professional Japan Association
34 National Independent Halaal Trust
35 No Halal logo available New Zealand Islamic Development Trust
36 Perth Mosque Incorporated
37 Shandong Islamic Association
38 South African National Halal Authority
39 Stichting/Foundation Halal Correct Certification
40 Supreme Islamic Council of Halal Meat In Australia Inc
41 Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association
42 The Central Islamic Council of Thailand
43 The Muslim Religious Union of Poland

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